Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to the official blog for an official public artwork today exhibition “ Playscope”.

This time we can only tell you a little thing about it. Playscope is an outdoor public sculpture with an extraordinary attitude and idea, so manything about the idea, visual, grammar and process. Continuing the artwork series from the artist, playscope become a project to show “you see it, you don’t # 7 on the list, on the other post in this blog you can only find the rest of 4 series, because #5 and #6 is still on progress to be shown at Yogyakarta Biennale on 28 December 2007. We would like to say a lot of thanks to CV.Kandura Keramik and CV. Abalaba Climbing Walls to be the most powerfull engine to support this exhibition, also big regards to WALHI, Jawa Barat for they support on this event.

You can go Back to this blog on 24th November 2007 to find more about the artwork (in case you can’t find it!!)

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