Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sounds of Berlin

Sounds of Berlin
Digital Print
Hand crank music box
Variable dimention

Sounds of Berlin
During residency in Berlin, Germany, exploring Berlin is a must, as a capital city and the largest city in Germany, with is 4,5 million residents from over 180 nations. Sound of the city is the first thing attract me all over the city. Various different languages upon German, English and other languages they speak together during the day and faded at night. The panoramic view of the city, the people in it and the sound they produce, shape Berlin into international city. This work try to represented the phenomena, capture the vibe and transform it into a global sound that represent of global community. The sound of Berlin produce within the holes that made at the panoramic print of the city and change into specific tone when the viewer play the device through the holes.

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