Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We are cordially invite you

We cordially invite you (EWE Gallery)
Gallery Installation Performance Art
Variable Dimention

We cordially invite you is a title of a performance art and installation. A show that showing a cremony of an opening of a new temporary gallery , the exhibition took an idea of bike thief in Europe, the exhibition participated by artist from Indonesia, they are Putriani Mulyadi, R.E Hartanto, Yuki Agriardi, Endira F.J, Tisa Granicia, Pramuhendra, Wiyoga Muhardanto and Radi Arwinda.
Performance began with a speech from an artist from Prague played role as gallery owner that read opening text in Bahasa Indonesia to welcome the guest and to explain the rundown of the event and at the end to open the gallery door as a sign that the exhibition is open for public.
Between the welcoming speech and the opening, theres another artist from Holland, which play role as curator; read short curatorial about the exhibition that titled "Don't Steal Bike Bro" which also in Bahasa Indonesia.
The performance continued with exhibition  that accompanied by catalog and snacks that provided for free.

Language create boundary but the performance showed art speak with their own language.

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